Current projects

Interview at the Hannover Fair.
Checrallah Kachouh about the new DC Multicharger.

Have a look - EBG compleo’s CEO talks about trends in electric mobility and recent products by EBG compleo.

All-Purpose Housing.
Cabinets according to size.

For maximum versatility in a lot of applications, we have developed the all-purpose housing. Because it is not produced in one piece but assembled from various modules, many sizes are available - for all kinds of applications.



Charging Station compleo.
Energy Unlimited.

Electric mobility is not possible without the necessary infrastructure. The compleo program does not only supply convenient charging appliances for the public, semi-public, and private sector but offers sophisticated concepts for payment systems and smart-grid links as well.

Line Voltage Controller.
Keeps voltage swings in step.

Whenever a high degree of current injection occurs, our Line Voltage Controller will monitor the voltage and prevent it from exceeding the allowed degree - so that there are no safety-related power cut-offs. 

New Fuse Rail.
You’ll never go off our rails.

Economical and space-saving: our fuse rail give you more room without any loss of efficiency.


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