Development and production – the best of everything

For long-term market success, it takes good products and competent employees. Elaborate production technologies, matching intelligent production means and assembly concepts as well as refined internal logistics are essential, too.

We are ready to deal with the challenges of industry 4.0. Digitalization and robot technologies are of high significance for us.  We are always open to embrace new technologies after examining them for useful implementation within our companies, such as the introduction of a virtual store.

Automation engineering will be applied where it makes sense - that's why we make use of first-rate human-robot-collaborating systems. Integrated within our self-developed production units, they contribute to our efficiency by doing routine work at a consistent level of quality.

Shaping the future

Constant change within markets as well as technological progress ask for a steady and continuous search for improvement, particularly for innovation.

The energy transition based on smart grids calls for the constant revision of the existing product portfolio and its enhancement. Innovation means renewal of procedures and production. A good example is the increasing importance which 3-D-printing will have for the plastics sector.  Because we want to accept these future-shaping challenges, we have decided to gather our innovation activities within our company EBG innolab which was given the task to specifically target all of these topics.

No compromise

In addition to state-of-the-art production means, the development of new products and the protection of high quality standards also need adequate means of metrology. For this, we invested in a modern computer tomography system (CT). The CT allows the fast collection of complex geometrical data while plastic parts are screened touch-free and non-destructively. This speeds up the product development process within the EBG group, offering a reliable quality inspection  system at the same time.

The reactions of our customers reaffirm our chosen path of quality orientation. This encourages us to consequently continue our strategy of focusing on top technology.