General Management



Dag Hagby

"Good co-operation means to commit yourself to your partner’s needs. This refers to customers and suppliers as well as our employees. We all know: together we are stronger.  As a team, we will make an effort until our customers’ wishes are completely fulfilled. Because long-term reliability is our number one priority."





Dr. Hans-Dieter Storzer

"Products that will meet our customers‘ individuals demands - that is our incentive. First-class technology and innovative thinking have to go hand in hand. Only when our partners are completely satisfied, our collaboration was successful." 


Perfect solutions are based on good cooperation. That's why we listen closely to your ideas. We consider every detail for the ideal approach to your task; together we will find the right way to handle it. Safe processes and careful project monitoring guarantee reliability and longevity for all of your products. That's what we call successful project management.