General Management



Dag Hagby

"Good co-operation means to commit yourself to your partner’s needs. This refers to customers and suppliers as well as our employees. We all know: together we are stronger.  As a team, we will make an effort until our customers’ wishes are completely fulfilled. Because long-term reliability is our number one priority."





Dr. Hans-Dieter Storzer

"Products that will meet our customers‘ individuals demands - that is our incentive. First-class technology and innovative thinking have to go hand in hand. Only when our partners are completely satisfied, our collaboration was successful." 

Team Made

Great Expectations. 
Solutions by Teamwork.

Having top requirements concerning our products, we think that the best solutions are the result of working together as a team with customers, partners, and employees. team made - because what we do is always a success of the team. Working together is the core as well as the motor of our innovative strength.

Mission Statement

» We are leaders in what we do. We want to stay that
   way, at the same time being open to new things.

» Profit can't buy everything, but without economic
   success, things will not work.

» New ideas for products and processes do not just
   appear out of nowhere. We look for them and develop
   them systematically.

» We challenge our staff – and we also support them.

» We don't look for the culprit, we look for a solution to
   the problem. Everybody has to take on responsibility
   and learn from the mistakes.

» Our successes are always team successes.

» We talk cordially, honestly, and respectfully with our
   business partners and with each other.

» We appreciate values; we'll say what we mean, and
   we'll do what we say.

» Our mission statement is not for preaching Sunday sermons.
   It is our objective for Monday thru Friday (and,
   occasionally, Saturday too).

» We are not always the best. But always, we're the funniest.


Perfect solutions are based on good cooperation. That's why we listen closely to your ideas. We consider every detail for the ideal approach to your task; together we will find the right way to handle it. Safe processes and careful project monitoring guarantee reliability and longevity for all of your products. That's what we call successful project management.


1948Elektro-Bauelemente GmbH is founded in Lünen as a wholesale enterprise for electrical equipment


EBG is the first supplier in Germany to offer a distribution cabinet in a fully insulated GRP design 

1978 EBG moves to its present location within the business park Wethmarheide, establishing a state-of-the-art thermoset and assembly factory

2000 Takeover of Schröder Kunststofftechnik GmbH including the Czech subsidiary in Ostrava

2002By introducing 2-component injection moulding, Schröder Kunststofftechnik underlines their competence in the production of complex technical part

2004The method of physical foaming in injection moulding is established at the Schröder Kunststofftechnik site

2006 EBG group becomes the umbrella brand for EBG Lünen, Schröder, and EBG plastics CZ

2009 EBG begins designing AC charging columns for electric vehicles

2012 EBG compleo, designer and producer of charging stations, becomes an independent company within the EBG group 

2013The addition of new production buildings in Lünen and Ostrava marks the successful growth of the companies

2013EBG electro: The development of a new all-purpose housing for various applications is accompanied by the implementation of a production line

2014EBG electro develops a new generation of fuse rails and starts production at an assembly line which was designed for this particular project

2015 EBG compleo broadens its product range by producing the first DC charging station Made in Germany

2015At the end of the year: a state-of-the-art CT scanner is installed at the site of EBG Schroeder for non-destructive examination of technical plastic parts

2016EBG schroeder: a new injection-moulding machine with 6500 kN clamping force for 2K-applications is added to the machinery

2016Establishing the IP-54 housing technology in Lünen (EBG electro)

2016Acquisition of the first micro-injection-moulding machine within the EBG group

2017Implementation of the first robot for collaborative applications puts even more emphasis on progress by innovation within the EBG group

2019  Expansion of production, office, and logistic space

2019  Establishing robot-based deburring stations

2019  EBG compleo becomes Compleo Charging Solutions, introduction of new
                investors, implementation of a new management and brand image,
                disengagement from the EBG group