Solutions for the future

Our electrotechnical activities range from outdoor energy distribution to smart-grid applications.

Energy suppliers, grid operators, public utility companies, municipalities, industrial enterprises, planning and engineering consultants as well as crafts businesses belong to our customers. We are highly flexible concerning small orders as well as large-volume production. Besides offering sophisticated standard products, we will also turn our full attention to customer-specific solutions. Here, short distances allow for the necessary speed.

In order to always keep our products technically state-of-the-art, we are intensely involved in various panels and expert committees.

Tried and tested and highly sustainable

The basis of outdoor energy distribution are the cabinets which are compression-moulded in-house, using our own moulds. Decades of experience in housing technology have led to a wide range of products. We are very proud to own this production expertise as it gives us the speed necessary to perfectly meet market needs.
Because our cabinets are used to house electrical equipment outdoors, they must be particularly robust and safe. At the same time, sustainability as well as the protection of people and environment must have top priority. 

Power just where it is needed

Outdoor energy distribution happens in a lot of different applications, for instance in residential areas or market and festival grounds. The know-how concerning the connecting, joining, distributing, and securing as well as measuring and monitoring of electrical power is one of our company's core competences. To this end, we install fuse strips and connector blocks developed and produced in-house. A broad range of additional enclosure types adds to our extensive product portfolio. The intense vertical range of manufacture - starting from our own compression-moulding department and flexible assembly lines - results in short reaction times and enables us to fulfill individual customer demands from one single source.